Water Based Acrylic KB Inks

Intaglio Printing KB Inks

Cronite KB Inks for intaglio (flat stamping) presses

Cronite KB Inks for intaglio (flat stamping) presses

Cronite produces the industry leading KB water based acrylic inks for use on flat stamping intaglio machines.  The KB inks are designed to be quick drying and they shrink as they dry to provide sharp, crisp lines in the finished image.

Once the KB ink is dry it becomes water insoluble and can also stand up to the heat of today’s laser printers. Yet because they are water based, they are easier to clean the press, and more environmentally friendly.


Colored and Metallic Inks

Our product range includes:

  • Various blacks to handle every situation—high pigmentation, low abrasiveness, quick drying – to name a few applications
  • Beautiful metallics ranging from Sterling Silver to various shades of gold.
  • Cronite’s proprietary colored metallic inks which produce a two toned imprint with one pass. As with all Cronite inks, they are unequalled in their consistency, color saturation, and long-term stability.

Ink Sizes and Colors

KB inks are sold in 7 pound cans or 3 ½ gallon pails. Contact us to get our color charts and ink listing of all stock colors.

Varnish Based KV Inks

Although varnish based inks are not widely used in the United States, some applications require the shine which only a varnish ink can produce or some security applications simply require a solvent based ink. While the shelf life of varnish based inks is longer than that of water based inks, cleanup of the press is more difficult as solvents must be used.

In addition, varnish inks are not laser proof and will melt at low temperatures.

Cronite varnish based inks are sold in 6 ½ pound cans.

Gloss KB Inks

Cronite also produces a line of gloss inks which have a shine or gloss finish like a varnish based ink, but the inks are not solvent based.  This makes the gloss inks more environmentally friendly than varnish based inks and allows for quicker clean up of the press between jobs.  The gloss inks must be used with special additives which are listed on the additives page.

Special Matched Colors

In addition to offering high quality stock colors of water-soluble and varnish-based inks, Cronite can quickly match colors. We can match your wet or dry sample or a color from any matching system with the use of our spectrophotometer. Special colors are made with the same quality ingredients as the stock colors shown on our color chart.

Ink Additives to KB Inks

Cronite’s extensive stock of ink additives will help any pressman overcome their ink problems.

Full List of KB Additives

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