Presses and Equipment

Inks and Additives

Flat Stamping Intaglio Press Supplies

Counter Materials

White Counterboard

Every shop should have a supply of White Counterboard on hand because it serves a wide variety of die stamp­ing and embossing applica­tions.  This 24 ply tough counter­board holds up well on long runs.  Rela­tively easy to cut, it is used primarily as the base for most counters.  Usually 2 pieces are glued together prior to cutting through 1-1/2 layers.   .072” (1.8mm) thick; sheet size 14” X 22”  (36cm X 56cm).

PP1-1  White Counterboard

White Counterboard Self-Adhesive

Sheet 14” x 22” (.072” thick)

PP1-2A White Counterboard Self-Adhesive

White Counterboard Double Thick

Sheet 14” x 22” (.144” thick)


White Counterboard Self-Adhesive Double Thick

Sheet 14” x 22” (.144” thick”)


Thin Gray Fiber Board

Thin, extremely hard board customarily used as an over­lay for one of our other counterboards.  Holds up well and reduces the need for sanding the counter since it does not emboss easily.  Also used as the base board for flat foil counters and as the base for composite counters in conjunc­tion with combina­tion foil dies.   .030” (.75mm) thick; sheet size 14” X 22” (36cm X 56cm).

PP1-6  Thin Gray Fiber Board

Hard Gray Counterboard

The thickest and tough­est of all the counterboards that we offer.  Usually used for its superior durability as a counter base.  As an overlay, it leaves the least amount of bruise when properly taper cut. .080” (2mm) thick; sheet size 14-1/2” X 22” (37cm X 56cm).

PP1-5  Hard Gray Counterboard


Feedboard, with a cutout slightly larger than the die, is fastened to the center feed table so that stock being stamped can be held above the die and protected from ink marks and splashes. .036″ (.9mm) thick, 10 ply, 22″ x 28″ sheet (56cm x 72cm).

PP1-7  Feedboard


Perfect for cutting all types of counterboard. A thin, replaceable 4-1/2″ blade slips into the self-locking, adjustable wooden handle. The blade can be sharpened on an oilstone or with emery cloth and then replaced in the handle. Handles sold individually. Blades sold individually or by the dozen.

PP1-27    Counterknife Blade

PP1-28A  Counterknife Handle, Collar Lock

PP1-28B  Counterknife Handle, Set Screw Lock


May be used to make a counter for hot blind embossing or hot foil stamping. The kit consists of a powder and a liquid which, when mixed according to simple directions, will harden to reproduce even the finest details. It gives a quick, inexpensive custom counter every time.

PP2-44A  Pour-A-Counter Kit

PP1-45A  Pour-A-Counter Powder (1 lb.)

PP1-47A  Pour-A-Counter Liquid

Photo Counterboard

When photoengraving, film can be used with this photopolymer material to create a perfect, reusable photocounter for even the most intricate plates. Eliminates hand cutting and thereby greatly decreases make ready time.

Two types are available. Sheets are sold individually.

  • Steel-Backed Photo Counterboard sheet measures 11-3/4″ x 16-1/2″.
  • Clear-Backed Photo Counterboard sheet measures 16-1/2″ x 23-3/8″.

PP1-2A  Steel-Backed Photo Counterboard

PP1-3A  Clear-Backed Photo Counterboard

Counter Overlay Cloths


.031″ thick, plastic-coated material used as a counter overlay when die stamping bold images. Its texture will allow you to emboss into the boldest lettering. Tough enough to hold up for many thousands of impressions.

54″ wide. Sold by the linear yard.

PP1-15C Moleskin, White Matte (45” wide)

White Rubber Pick-Up Sheeting

A thin, soft fabric, used as a counter overlay. Its tacky rubber coating helps lift stock out of the die after an impression has been made. Generally used when running business cards by hand—the cards lift up with the ram making it easier to pick them off the ram, rather than off of the feedboard. 36″ wide. Sold by the linear yard.

PP1-17A White Rubber Pick-Up Sheeting

Plastic Sheeting

A counter overlay that is thinner and more pliable than Moleskin. It protects the counterboard if a missed impression occurs. It also prevents ink from squirting out from between the counter and the die and penetrates into images to remove all the ink. We offer four types:

54″ wide. Sold by the linear yard.

PP1-17B  Thick Clear Plastic Sheeting (.018″ thick)

PP1-18    Regular Clear Plastic Sheeting (.012″ thick)

PP1-19    Thin Clear Plastic Sheeting (.006″ thick)

PP1-20    Frosted Plastic Sheeting (.012″ thick)

Teflon Coated Drawsheet

Teflon Coated Drawsheet is generally used as a counter overlay. It is ideal when running large dies that cause the stock to stick to the counter. It also helps release the stock from the counter when running metallic inks where the ink’s binder is pushed through the paper. 37-1/2″ wide. Sold by the linear yard.

PP1-23A  Teflon Coated Drawsheet

Wipe Pad Accessories

Press Blanket

Acts as a cushion between the wiping pad and the die. It is clamped tightly on the wiping pad, covering the cork pad. Our press blanket is made of a tightly woven, springy, heavy pure wool material which unlike felt is resilient enough to permit repetitive die width changes without grooving.

1/8″ thick. 36″ wide. Sold by the linear yard or by the square inch when cut to specific sizes.

PP1-25  Press Blanket


This overlay protects the press blanket from dirt and abrasion when the die wipe paper breaks. The tough fabric has a synthetic rubber coating impregnated with microscopic glass beads.

42″ wide.  Sold by the linear yard or square inch,  precut to size to fit your press.

PO9-36003600  Spherecote, full yard

Cork Press Pad

Composed of compressed, fine-grained tightly bonded cork particles. Mounts between the wiping plate and press blanket to provide added cushion for a clean wipe.

Sold in sheets, 24-1/2″ x 36″ x 1/4″, or precut to size to fit your press.

PO7-24503600  Cork Press Pad, full size

Gauge Accessories

Megill’s Gauge Pins

Megill’s Gauge Pins are used to position the stock when hand feeding. Their very low profile does not interfere with feeding as do other pins and quads.

Spring Tongue Gauge Pin

These pins have a tongue which is adjustable in length to suit all situations. Three prongs hold the pin to the feedboard. The sharp center prong is pushed through the feedboard 1/4″ behind the feedline. Two teeth on the other end should be forced down after registration is obtained. Some operators also glue the pins in position with sealing wax. Extra tongues and directions included. Sold by the box holding 12 pieces.

PP1-30A  Megill’s Spring Tongue Gauge Pins

Adjustable Quads Guides

Adjustable quads are held in place by a locking lever that is raised and lowered to squeeze the feedboard. For each Quad Guide, make one or two slits of about 1” in length between ¼” and ¾” from and parallel to the feedline.  Slide the guide under the slit at the front into register position. After adjusting for register, lock the guide into place by lowering the lever. Three extra tongues and instructions included. Sold in sets if three with three additional tongues.

PP1-30C  Megill’s Adjustable Quad Guides


Rectangular pieces of hardened steel, 1/4″ x 1/4″ x 1/2″, used as gauges for hand feeding. Quads are usually glued down with a white glue and are temporarily set until the exact gauge is achieved, and then pushed down firmly. Sold in a set of three pieces.

PH1-29  Quads

6″ Metal Ruler

This flexible, stainless steel ruler is used to accurately check the gauge from the edge of the paper to the stamped impression. Has 1/32″ and 1/64″ gradations. The crossbar on the pocket clip serves as a depth or height gauge.

PP1-26A 6″  Metal Ruler

PP1-26B 6″  Steel Ruler – Metric

Metal Gaugeboard

Permits fast and easy gauge changes, reducing time and effort compared to conventional methods. The gaugeboard screws down onto the original wooden center feedboard, and is fitted with adjustable gauges. Locking screws quickly secure the gauges in position. A cutout finger hole permits the press operator to remove the stock easily after stamping. This metal board saves money by eliminating feedboard costs. Gaugeboard comes with 3 sets of gauges and posts, and installation and operating instructions.

UC2004054 Metal Gaugeboard for 2-1/2 x 4 Carver, 2-1/2 x 4 Modern

UC2004058 Metal Gaugeboard for 3 x 8-3/4 Cronite, 5 x 9 Cronite, 3 x 8 Carver, 4-1/2 x 9 Carver

Adhesives And Tapes

Prout’s Glue

Adheres layers of counterboard together and the counter to the counterblock slide. Dry adhesive is applied like a big crayon and creates its best bond after pressure has been applied. It can be pulled apart or separated when heat is applied, which is handy for “patching” an impression or for removal from the slide. Most of the strength of a counter made with Prout’s Glue is horizontal to the press’s force. The counter will not slip sideways. No “drying” time is required and a counter can be cut immediately after being glued.

1/2 lb. foil wrapped sticks; sold individually or by the dozen.

PH1-8  Prout’s Glue

Double Coated Tape

Double coated or Double faced tape is available in three widths – 1″, 2″, and 4″. It is perfect to securely attaching thin metal plates to a plateholder. It can also be used to attach counterboard or photopolymer counters onto counterblock slides. 36 yard rolls are sold individually.

PP1-34  Double Coated Tape – 1″

PP1-35  Double Coated Tape – 2″

PP1-36  Double Coated Tape – 4″

Burgundy Die Stamper’s Sealing Wax

A stick wax used to fasten gauges (quads, pins, etc.,) into place. Use a match to melt a few drops onto the gauge which has been placed in position. The sealing wax is quick drying and tough.

1/2″  by 1/2″  by 10-1/2″, sticks are sold individually or by the 1 lb. box of 4.

PP1-32  Burgundy Die Stamper’s Sealing Wax

High Heat Double Coated Tape

High Heat Double Coated Tape is a wonderful substitute for thermal bonding tape. It will hold embossing or foil diesto a hot plate, but unlike thermal bonding tape it can be applied and removed at room or operational temperature.  High Heat Double Coated Tape is very aggressive to 425° F (220° C).

PP1-65A High Heat Double Coated Tape – 2″ x 60 yds (48mm x 55m)
PP1-65B High Heat Double Coated Tape – 3″ x 60 yds (72mm x 55m)


Regular Plateholder

Ideal for holding 18 gauge or 16 gauge plates at the proper height in the die chuck. Plates may be mounted to the plateholder with glue or double faced tape. The regular plateholders are usually supplied with a single rear rail, but additional rails may be added on the sides. Please specify the exact size of the plate when ordering the plateholder.

SH2R Regular Plateholder (specify plate size)

Magnetic Plateholder

This is an aluminum plateholder with magnetic inserts which efficiently secures the plate without glue or double coated tape. The plateholder is furnished with 3 rails to keep the plate aligned. Excellent for holding steel business card or envelope plates.

SH2M Magnetic Plateholder (specify plate size)

Inking Accessories

Burnishing Tinsel

After an impression has been stamped in metallic ink, Burnishing Tinsel may be used, on the second pass to enhance the detail in the die’s bottom. Burnishing the impression gives good detail and prevents tarnishing of some inks.

Hard rolled, copper foil,

6″ wide and .002″ thick. 3-1/4 lb. roll (about 70’ long).

.0014″ x 6″ wide x 100’ long roll weighing approximately 3.3 lbs. It is 30% thinner than the standard material so as to smooth over finer lines.

PP1-31A  Burnishing Tinsel (.002″), roll

PP1-31B  Burnishing Tinsel (.0014″), roll

Brass Bristle Brushes

Used to scrub dried ink from the fine lines of a die or plate. The fine brass bristles will not scratch copper plates, but are stiff enough to remove dried ink. Two styles are available, both are mounted in wood: one measures 1″ x 3″; the other is 3/4″ x 3″ with a 5″ handle.

PP1-38  Brass Bristle Brush

PP1-39  Brass Bristle Brush with Long Handle

Steel Ink Knife – 3″ wide by 8″ long, this stiff high carbon steel blade has been hardened and polished.

PP1-40  Steel Ink Knife

Nylon Ink Knife

3″ wide blade. One solid piece of molded nylon for extra durability. The knife will not scratch ink rollers, but at 14″ long will hold a large amount of ink. Easy to clean.

PP1-41  Nylon Ink Knife


This knitted cotton tubing permits more ink to be carried when placed over a rubber inking roller. It also forces ink to the bottom of the etched cavity. If the etched lines are extremely deep, two or three layers may be used.

Two types are available.  25 yard rolls; available in various diameters: 2″ to 2-1/8″, 2-1/4″, 3″, and 4″. The 4″ is available only in Plain style.

  • Plain Stockinette, which will carry a little less ink to the die than Moleton Stockinette.
  • Moleton Stockinette is a fleeced plain stockinette, but with a “nap” or “fuzz”.

PH1-50  4″ dia. Stockinette, Plain (3 x 8-3/4 Cronite Short Stroke)

PH1-51  2-1/4″ dia. Stockinette, Plain (most Modern & Carver & Cronite)

PH1-52  2-1/4″ dia. Stockinette, Moleton (most Modern & Carver & Cronite)

PH1-53  2″ to 2-1/8″ dia. Stockinette, Plain (W&S)

PH1-54  2″ to 2-1/8″ dia. Stockinette, Moleton (W&S)

PH1-55  3″ dia. Stockinette, Plain (big Moderns & big Carvers)

PH1-56  3″ dia. Stockinette, Moleton (big Moderns & big Carvers)

Chrome Testing Solution

Inexpensive blue-colored solution provides a quick, reliable means of detecting worn chrome plating on steel dies. A worn area will quickly change to a copper color. Some operators perform this test every few thousand impressions so they can strip and re-plate their dies and plates as soon as the plating shows wear. Using this method, the life of a die may be prolonged indefinitely. 8 oz. bottle.

EH1-11  Chrome Testing Solution

Blast-Away Cleaner

A very aggressive cleaner which will dissolve dried and hardened ink which was previously “impossible” to remove. Blast Away will also clean dirt from dies, fountains, presses, and floors. It must be thinned with at least 3 parts of water to be used at its greatest strength. Environmentally clean, biodegradable, and very strong. Should be mixed and may be transferred to a spray bottle.

KBC-76D  Blast-Away Cleaner, 55 gallon drum

KBC-76F  Blast-Away Cleaner, 5 gallons

KBC-76G  Blast-Away Cleaner, gallon bottle

KBC-76Q  Blast-Away Cleaner, quart bottle

Inking Rollers

Inking Rollers

Transfers ink from the large fountain roller to the die. Cronite offers ink rollers made from Urethane.  Urethane ink rollers are available in 2-1/4″ diameter and they have a 5/8″ diameter hollow steel core.  The rollers are sold by the inch, up to 21″ maximum length of an uncut roller. The rubber ends also can be cut back to expose the steel core around which stockinette can be attached.


Longest Ink Roller which will usually fit on the Press without  5/8″ Diameter Set Screw Collars
3 X 8-3/4 Cronite Hi-Speed 9″ x 8-3/4″
3 X 8-3/4 Cronite H.S. “Short Stroke” 8-3/4″ x 9″
5 X 9 Cronite Hi-Speed 10″
2-1/2 X 4 Carver 5-3/16″
2-1/2 X 8 Post Carver 9-1/16″
3 X 8, 4 X 8-1/2 Carver 9-3/32″
4-1/2 X 9 Carver 11-1/16″
6 X 10, 7 X 11 Carver (3″ diameter) 12″
8 X 12 Carver (3″ diameter) 13-5/8″
2-1/2 X 4 Modern 5″
3 X 8 Modern 8-3/4″
4 X 8 Modern 9-3/4″
5 X 9 Modern 10-1/2″
6 X 10 Modern 11″
7 X 11 Modern, Late Style 11-1/2″
8 X 12 Modern (3″ diameter) 14″

Diamond Textured Ink Rollers

A textured ink roller which eliminates the need for stockinette on most jobs.  The tiny pockets created by the texturing on the roller bring a large quantity of ink to the plate when needed.  As no stockinette is needed, there is no need to expose the core on the Diamond Textured Ink Roller.  This product will save you money by shortening press set up time.

PHRDT – 2 ¼” Diamond Textured Ink Roller x length

Set Screw Collars

The normal width used is 1/2″ wide. One collar is placed on each side of a narrow inking roller to center it over the die. Also, makes it easier to attach  stockinette when needed. The collars are also available in 5/16″ widths as a Carver part.

HDW-165 Wide Set Screw Collar

UC1-0013 5/16″ Wide Set Screw Collar

“Genuine Engraving” Seals

The seals are a good way to advertise the special nature of the engraving process.  The 3/4″ diameter seals make any package of engraved stationery “stand out”, as well as taping the ends down. The seals are silver and black foil with pressure-sensitive glue.

Sold 1,000 seals per package.

EP1-86  “Genuine Engraving” Seals

Die Wipe Paper

For foreign sales only. Available in 30#, 35#, and 40#, with sizes of 2-1/2″ through 12″. Sold by the pound.

Etching and Engraving Supplies

Brown Bauxite Emery Cloth

This cloth is primarily used on steel.   The abrasive will last a long time since it does not clog quickly or wear away. The Bauxite cloth is offered in grit values of 500, 400, 320, 240, and 150.  Grit 320 polishes well without scratching too deeply, and at the same time does considerable cutting.

Sheet size 9″ x 11″.  Sold individually or by the dozen.

EP1-39  Brown Bauxite Emery Cloth, Grit 500

EP1-40  Brown Bauxite Emery Cloth, Grit 400

EP1-41  Brown Bauxite Emery Cloth, Grit 320

EP1-42  Brown Bauxite Emery Cloth, Grit 240

EP1-43  Brown Bauxite Emery Cloth, Grit 150

Arkansas Oil Stone

A natural novaculite stone used to produce the most precise edge possible.  The oil stone is used for sharpening gravers and counterknives. The stone should be used with a light oil to help prevent clogging the stone’s pores.  Measures 2″ x 5″ x 3/4″ thick.  Mounted in a hardwood case.

EP1-57  Arkansas Oil Stone

Dial Depth Indicator

An instrument that determines the exact depth of an etched or engraved area. The indicator has an adjustable dial for easy calibration. Easy-to-read 2″ diameter dial has .0005″ calibrations, with enough space between each calibration so the user can further interpolate his reading.  The body is chrome plated.  Each indicator is sold with a spare point and precision ground steel block used to zero the gauge accurately.

The Dial Depth Indicator is an inexpensive mechanical instrument that can only be replaced by an electronic microscope costing thousands of dollars.

EP1-87  Dial Depth Indicator

Bausch & Lomb Engraver’s Glass

High quality, 3-1/2 power, engraver’s magnifying glass set in a 2-1/8″ diameter hard plastic casing.  The lens is distortion-free and built for durability.  It can be used in Cronite’s Engraver’s Glass Stand with optional adapter.

EP1-59  Bausch & Lomb Engraver’s Glass

Engraver’s Glass Stand

Built to last a lifetime, our all-metal stand is fully adjustable by turning just one small knurled knob. The heavily weighted base helps prevent tipping.

SH2-100A  Stand for Engraver’s Glass

Wood Alcohol (Methanol)

After  protective greases are removed from dies or plates with a product such as kerosene or varsol, Wood Alcohol is used for final cleaning. Cronite’s “commercially pure” Wood Alcohol will leave your dies clean and free of any residues which could contaminate the surface to which the etching ground (acid resist) is to be applied.  Usually, the alcohol is rubbed on with a lint-free clean cloth. It is allowed to evaporate, taking with it any petroleum residues.

Bottled in a plastic container for shipping, the alcohol can evaporate through the container, and can also absorb water from the atmosphere. Although the level in the bottle may not diminish, the potency of this product may decrease. If it is to be stored for a prolonged period, transfer to a glass bottle.  Flammable liquid.

EP1-9A  Wood Alcohol, 12 oz. bottle

EP1-9B  Wood Alcohol, 1 gal. bottle

Anti-Rust Compound

A thick paste used to coat and protect bare metals such as steel and copper from oxidizing during shipping and storage.  The compound contains no acids or caustics that will attack metals, as does Vaseline or other greases. Easy to apply—just smear a thin coating on the surface. To remove, wash off with petroleum solvent.   2 lb. can.

EP1-8  Anti-Rust Compound

Educational Aids

Engraved Stationery Handbook

Written by R.N. Steffens, this book is still the best reference text for engravers. It contains information on presses, etching, tools, equipment, methods, and supplies. It is used by everyone in the industry, regularly. Illustrated and hard bound, 332 pages.  Photocopied chapters are also available for sale.

EB1-200  Engraved Stationery Handbook

Engraver’s Letter Styles Booklet

A 23-page engraved booklet filled with over 330 of the most commonly used lettering styles available on Masterplates for Pantograph use. This is a necessary reference for all engraving departments, as well as for salesmen displaying styles to customers.

EB1-203  Engraver’s Letter Styles Booklet

Engraver’s Training Manual

A comprehensive training guide for the engraved stationery die stamping trade which describes the process so that even a beginner can understand. The guide presents an efficient, safe method for hand feeding Carver, Modern, and Waite die stamping presses. It also describes procedures for engraving copper, brass, zinc, and steel plates. Everyone should read it. We give a copy with each new press sold. 34 pages, illustrated.

EB1-204  Engraver’s Training Manual

Heraldic Designs and Engravings Book

This book is a complete guide to crest designs, their composition, and commonly used crest lettering styles. Authored by J.M. Bergling and A. Tuston Hay, it is written in an interesting and concise style. 92 pages with over 2,000 illustrations and a complete dictionary of heraldic terms.

EB1-202  Heraldic Designs and Engravings Book

Art Monograms and Lettering Book

An encyclopedia of monograms and monogram lettering styles by J.M. Bergling and V.C. Bergling. This simple book is a must have for engravers, designers, and all lovers of art. 110 fully illustrated pages, flexible cover.

EB1-201  Art Monograms and Lettering Book

Press Parts Booklets

All Parts Booklets include illustrations and Part Numbers.

PB1-102     5 x 9 Cronite, Parts and Instruction Booklet, 47 pages

PB1-103     3 x 8-3/4 Cronite, Parts and Instruction Booklet, 41 pages

PB1-104A  4-1/2 x 9 Carver, Parts Booklet

PB1-104B   3 x 8, 4 x 8-1/2 Carver, Parts Booklet

PB1-105      2-1/2 x 4 Carver, Parts Booklet, 16 pages

PB1-106      2-1/4 x 4, 4 x 8, 6 x 10 Modern, Parts Booklet, 40 pages

PB1-108      8 x 3, 9 x 5 Waite & Saville Parts Booklet, 18 pages

PB1-109A   6 x 10, 7 x 11 Carver, Parts Booklet

Training Video or DVD, Cronite 5 x 9 Hi-Speed Press System

Detailed training aid covers the procedures for the proper operation of the Cronite 5 x 9 Press, equipped with a High Speed 8000 Autofeed and Telestacker Drier.  The video or DVD contains valuable information for all die stamping press operators. VHS video cassette. Approximately 2-1/2 hours.

PB1-107 A Training Video

PB1-107B DVD training

Acid Resists & Acids

Janes’ Ground

Fast-drying, dark liquid acid resist for all metals. When applied properly, one can easily see through it to the metal surface. It can be used in an etching machine because the surface is tough and won’t rub off or chip. Janes Ground is usually poured on the metal directly from the can.  Then the metal is tipped in all directions until the area to be etched is fully covered. Excess ground may be poured back into the can from the corner of the metal plate. If necessary, thin with Ether. The ground may be removed with Wood Alcohol. Flammable liquid.  15 oz. can.

EP1-1  Janes’ Ground

Bob’s Chip Out Ground

An acid resist that will dry hard and fast, and easily “chip off”. If applied properly, it will not foulbite.  Bob’s Chip Out Ground is good for all metals. It can be used in hand etching with an acid brush, or in an etching machine.  Flammable. 8 oz. can.

EH1-22A  Bob’s Chip Out Ground

EH1-23A  Bob’s Chip Out Ground Thinner

Freelance Chip Out Ground

A premium acid resist that will dry hard quickly, and “chip off” cleanly and sharply. If properly applied, it will not permit foulbiting. It is good for all metals. Freelance can be used in hand etching with an acid brush, or in an etching machine.  Flammable. 8 oz. can.

EP1-22B  Freelance Chip Out Ground

EP1-23B  Freelance Chip Out Ground Thinner

Dissolved Stop Out Wax

This red liquid is used to make any necessary corrections to the traced or scratched image on the ground covered die prior to etching. Stop Out Wax should be applied with a good red sable Stop Out Brush. Thin it with a small amount of quality alcohol. After etching, the Stop Out Wax can be removed with alcohol, along with the mechanical acid resist. Flammable.  4 oz. bottle.

EH1-12A  Dissolved Stop Out Wax

Cronite’s Red Sealing Wax

A pure (no fillers) material used by engravers to make Stop Out Wax. To prepare the wax, dissolve a broken stick or two in denatured wood alcohol. Apply the slow-drying solution with a Stop Out Brush to areas not requiring etching.  Sticks are approximately 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 9″ long. Sold individually or by the 1 lb. box of 10 sticks.

EP1-17  Red Stick Sealing Wax

Retouching Varnish

A corrosive acid resist which flows smoothly, dries fast, and requires no burning in. It is compatible with most coatings. Flammable liquid.

EP1-12F  Retouching Varnish, .5 liter

Retouch Varnish Remover

Used to remove Retouching Varnish without damaging the original Conta resist.  Flammable liquid.

EP1-212R  Remover, Retouch Varnish, 1 gallon

Bank Coat Asphalt Resist – An asphalt-base, thick fluid mainly used as a fine paint for delicate and close work on items that need protection from the environment, acids, or caustics. It is inexpensive and usually used on large banknote plates.

EH1-28A   Bank Coat A, Fast Dry, gallon

EH1-28B   Bank Coat B, Slow Dry, gallon

EH1-28C   Bank Coat C, Medium Dry, gallon

EH1-28D   Bank Coat A, Fast Dry, pint

EH1-28E   Bank Coat B, Slow Dry, pint

EH1-28F   Bank Coat C, Medium Dry, pint

Stop Out Brushes

Top quality, 100% red sable hair. Used to apply Stop Out Wax or Touch-Up Lacquer.  Stocked in 4 sizes (00, 0, 1, 2), which will accommodate your every need. Number 00 is for fine work; number 2 can easily cover a large area. Keep one of each size on hand.

EP1-13  Stop Out Brush #00

EP1-14  Stop Out Brush # 0

EP1-15  Stop Out Brush # 1

EP1-16  Stop Out Brush # 2

Cronite Steel Etching Acid

A light blue corrosive liquid with a nitric acid base that effectively etches steel and brass. It is specifically formulated for hand etching with an acid brush. This is the best steel acid in the world, used in many other industries from gun and knife engraving to chemical milling of large dies and molds.  The acid contains heavy metals such as silver and mercury, requiring proper disposal even when the acid is “spent”.  The acid works so well because as it etches down the sides of the cavity, the walls are electroplated by the heavy metals attracted to the steel. Keep the acid out of direct sunlight if stored for long periods.

EH1-2A  Cronite Steel Etching Acid, 1 gallon bottle

EH1-2C  Cronite Steel Etching Acid, 12 oz. bottle

EH1-2D  Cronite Steel Etching Acid, 50 gallon drum

Cronite Chemical Milling Acid

Same as Cronite Steel Etching Acid, but without Mercury.

EH1-48P  Cronite Chemical Milling Acid, 1 gallon

EH1-48R  Cronite Chemical Milling Acid, 12 oz.

EH1-48S   Cronite Chemical Milling Acid, 50 gallon

Ferric Chloride, Engraver’s Grade

A dark, caramel colored acid used for etching various metals. It is available in 30° and 42° Baumé densities. Recommended for use in etching machinery of all types, but it can be brushed on by hand with an acid brush. Ferric chloride is the by-product of hydrochloric acid pickling of iron usually being descaled in a steel mill. It is important that there are no silicone additives used as anti-foams in the acid. It is possible to reclaim ferric chloride, but for the engraver, we recommend only virgin engraver’s grade acid.

30°Baumé ferric chloride effectively etches brass, zinc or copper. Predominantly used for etching copper when using the powderless etching or self-banking method.

42° Baumé ferric chloride is used for etching steel.

EH1-3A   Ferric Chloride 30° Baumé, 1 gallon bottle

EH1-3B   Ferric Chloride 30° Baumé, 1 pint bottle

EH1-3C   Ferric Chloride 30° Baumé, 5 gallon drum

EH1-3D   Ferric Chloride 30° Baumé, 55 gallon drum

EH1-5A   Ferric Chloride 42° Baumé, 1 gallon bottle

EH1-5B    Ferric Chloride 42° Baumé, 1 pint bottle

EH1-5C   Ferric Chloride 42° Baumé, 5 gallon drum

EH1-5D   Ferric Chloride 42° Baumé, 55 gallon drum

Anti-Foam for Ferric Chloride

Controls foam during ferric chloride etching.  Cronite supplies 30° Baumé ferric chloride with this chemical pre-added at the factory.

JH1-135A  Anti-Foam, 1 pint

Special No. 2 Copper Acid

This corrosive liquid is dark brown in color due to its main ingredient of ferric chloride.  It is very effective for hand etching copper plates, and is usually applied with an acid brush. Acts faster and gives a sharper etch than straight Ferric Chloride. This acid is especially valuable for etching shaded areas.   Pint bottle.

EH1-4  Special No. 2 Copper Acid


This corrosion-proof instrument has a scale reading from 0° Baumé to 50° Baumé, so that it is perfect for reading and adjusting ferric chloride at 30° Baumé for etching copper using the PERI-Etching method, or at 42° Baumé for etching steel.

EP1-25  Hydrometer

Acid Etching Brush

The bristles of the brush are natural hair held in place with water-resistant glue.  The handle is bamboo or plastic with no metal to rust to corrode.  This inexpensive brush can be used with any acid.  The brush is usually stored in water between etching sessions.

EP1-6  Acid Etching Brush

Acid Blotters

White, 1/32″ thick, 3-3/4″ x 9″ absorbent pads used to remove acid from a plate after etching an area. The blotters are sold by the pound (about 50 pieces).

EP1-7  Acid Blotters

Cleaners, Thinners And Preservatives


Used for thinning Janes’ Ground and other acid resists.  It can also be used as a cleaner for plates and dies. Flammable liquid. 12 oz. can.

EP1-10  Ether

Image Transfer Products And Developers

Cronite Steel Stain

Ready-to-use, clear liquid that leaves a clear black stain on steel.  It is specifically formulated for use with Cronite Transfer Wax. Poisonous liquid.   12 oz. bottle.

EH1-20  Cronite Steel Stain

Cronite Copper Stain

This product leaves a beautiful black stain on copper. The concentrate is specifically formulated for use with Cronite Transfer Wax and will not cause a foulbite.  An oxidizer.  2 oz. bottle.

EH1-21  Cronite Copper Stain

Cronite Transfer Wax

A black malleable mixture of special waxes used to transfer an image from one sheet of gelatin to another, or to a plate.  This is the best wax for the purpose, and exact reproduction can be achieved. Use with Cronite metal stains and sheet gelatin.  1 oz. stick.

EH1-19 Cronite Transfer Wax

Sheet Gelatin

A clear and flexible, colorless film of a special hardness that permits scratching by tools, but also resists abuse. It is used to transfer an image from one surface to another—from sketch to plate, plate to plate, or one sheet of gelatin to another. Gelatin sheets can save you time and effort when reversing or exactly duplicating images.  7″ X 17″, .006″ thick.

EP1-18  Gelatin Sheet

Peri-Etch Photo Engraving Additives And Supplies


Protectone 13A and 13B are protective chemicals used in ferric chloride for the PERI-Etch system of etching copper. The process controls the depth and sidewall etch factor. When done properly, this limits spreading of images on copper plates.

  • Protectone 13A  is a mixture of film formers plus a material which modifies the protective effects to give the required depth in line figures and coarse halftones. When in solution, the film-forming additives decompose with time and with use.  The modifiers do not decompose.
  • Protectone 13B is used to replenish the film-forming material.

A starter kit is offered which has 1 jar of 13A and 3 jars of 13B.

Protectone 13B is used in much larger quantities. Each is sold by the 5 lb. case of four 1-1/4 lb. jars.

JH1-107A   Protectone 13A, 4 bottles (1 case)

JH1-107C   Protectone 13A, partial case

JH1-108A   Protectone 13B, 4 bottles (1 case)

JH1-108C   Protectone 13B, partial case

JH1-108F   Protectone Starter Kit (1 bottle 13A and 3 bottles 13B)

Protectone #1

Add to ferric chloride when etching very fine lines and half tones into copper.

JH1-106A   Protectone #1, 4 bottles (1 case)

JH1-106C   Protectone #1, partial case

Protectone 76

Aids by increasing etch rate and smoothness of etched sidewalls and bottoms.

JH1-109A  Protectone 76, 4 gallons (1 case)

JH1-109C  Protectone 76, partial case

Protectone 77

Improves sidewall protection and helps to stabilize the bath and makes the bath last longer.

JH1-110A  Protectone 77, 4 bottles, 2 jugs (1 case)

JH1-110C  Protectone 77, per 19 gram bottle

Protectone 132

In halftone baths, reduces color loss and improves sidewall slope in fine highlights.

JH1-111A  Protectone 132, 4 bottles (1 case)

JH1-111C  Protectone 132, partial case

Protectone 140

Aides by increasing etch depth and smoothness of etched sidewalls.

JH1-112A   Protectone 140, 4 bottles (1 case)

JH1-112C   Protectone 140, partial case

Protectone Exhaust Hood

Obtain protection when weighing and dissolving Protectone and other chemicals in this clear plastic hood. Low volume exhaust blower does not disturb your scale. It makes handling all chemicals safe and efficient.

JP1-117A   Exhaust Hood, Protectone

Filter Media for Protectone

A flexible sheet of fiber cloth used for filtering out excess Protectone which may not have completely dissolved in the ferric chloride mixture during the initial bath adjustment.

Reusable when rinsed, the filter media has a long life and it prevents un-dissolved Protectone from entering the bath.  Without this filter, you will almost always have un-dissolved Protectone lurking in your bath causing future problems.

The filter media measures 9″ x 10″ and is placed over a big funnel or colander to hold it while transferring the acid into the etching machine.

JP1-120A   Filter Media, Protectone, sheet

JP1-120B   Filter Media, Protectone, dozen count


The colander is to hold Filter Media which is used to pre-filter undissolved Protectone particles when adding to acid bath so no pimples occur.

EP1-230A  Colander, Plastic

Spectronic 20 Meter with Kit

The electronic machine measures the amount of copper content in the ferric chloride bath. All PERI-Etch users should have one. This instrument will save you valuable time by eliminating the need to record and analyze the weight of each copper plate entering and exiting the bath.  Available in either American or European electricity.

EP1-208A   Spectronic 20 Meter, 110V, 60Hz, USA

EP1-208B   Spectronic 20 Meter, 220V, 50Hz, Europe

Electric Acid Blender

Cronite modifies a standard blender with titanium blades, arbor, and hardware. The bearings are of a special space-age material for acid resistance and heat of this high speed operation. The high speed agitation will completely dissolve Protectone in seconds and eliminate any hand mixing. 110V, 60Hz power, can be transformed to 220V European voltage with transformer #YP1-169.

EP1-214  Acid Blender, Electric

PERI Test Targets

Test targets must be used to determine the condition of the bath containing Protectone. It will aid you in determining the amount of replenishment of the additives, as well as determining if other conditions are correct.

EP1-211A   Cronite Test Target, Positive, use with Positive Resist

EP1-211B   Cronite  Test Target, Negative, use with Negative Resist

Triple Beam Gram Scale

Used to accurately measure the additives for your PERI-Etch bath.  This scale is capable of measuring tenths of a gram up to 2610 grams. It also encompasses a tare weight slide to make set-up time easier.  Additional weight sets are available.

EP1-207A  Triple Beam Gram Scale

Extra Weight Set

To extend weighing range of 5-1/2# or less, and for between 5-1/2# and 14-1/2# for O’Haus Scale.

EP1-207B   Weights, Extra Set, 5-1/2# or less

EP1-207C   Weights, Extra Set, 5-1/2# – 14-1/2#


Needed for accurate burn-in temperature. 400°F and 600°F are available.  (Other temperatures available). Melts crayon slightly on contact.

JP1-121A   Templstik, 400°F

JP1-121B   Templstik, 600°F

Sensitivity Guide

21 step Stouffer gray scale film strip which is necessary for determining exposure time of sensitized engraving plates.

JP1-131A   Sensitivity Guide

Conta Copper Supplies and Accessories

Safecoat  II Steel Developer

A water based, safe developer for use with Safecoat II Steel.

EH1-26C   Safecoat II Steel Developer, 1 gallon

EH1-26B   Safecoat II Steel Developer, 5 gallons

Hydrolin Developer

A water based developer that permits the user to develop most any aqueous photo presensitized copper, brass, magnesium, zinc, or steel – positive or negative coated – with only one high quality liquid. Ready to use, no mixing required.

EP1-24V   Hydrolin Universal Developer, 1 gallon

EP1-24W  Hydrolin Universal Developer, 5 gal.

EP1-24X   Hydrolin Universal Developer, 55 gal.

Cronite Photo Resist Stripper #1 (CPRS #1)

Coating remover for presensitized Conta Copper plates. CPRS #1 is more user-friendly than many other available products and is shipped as a non-hazardous product. Water soluble, no odor, re-usable.

EH1-209C   CPRS #1, 1 gallon

EH1-209D   CPRS #1, 5 gallons

Cronite Photo Resist Stripper #2 (CPRS #2)

Coating remover for Cronite’s Safecoat Steel plates or  Hydro-Coat Copper and magnesium, or AQ-Blue plates. CPRS #2 is low odor and non-flammable and therefore is much healthier to use than most competitive products.   CPRS #2 is water based.  It will also remove the epoxy coating of the back of backcoated metal plates (if left in the solution for a long time) to prepare for chrome plating.

EH1-209E   CPRS #2, 1 gallon

EH1-209F   CPRS #2, 5 gallons

Maxit, Top Remover

A non-etching resist remover for photo acid resists. Maxit loosens coating fast without being abrasive and no difficult rubbing is required. Flammable liquid.

EP1-209A   Maxit, Top Remover, 1 gallon

EP1-209B   Maxit, Top Remover, 5 gallon

Developer Pad Holder

Used to hold soft pad material used while developing plates that require mild abrasion. Extra pads available.

EP1-210A   Pad Holder, Developer w/Pad

EP1-210P   Pad, Developing Hard

Photo Resist Supplies

Photocrone Negative Resist

A solvent based acid resist, but much friendlier than the KPR’s but very much like KTFR’s.  It is a negative working (use positive film for intaglio) resist.  Developer and thinner are available.  Use Photocrone Developer as the developer for this resist.

EH1-49C    Resist, Photocrone Neg., quart

EH1-49Q   Thinner, Photocrone, quart

EH1-49G    Thinner, Photocrone, gallon

EH1-49D    Dye, Photocrone, quart

EH1-49B    Developer, Photocrone, quart

EH1-49A    Developer, Photocrone, gallon

Photo-Top Resist

A negative working liquid solvent developable resist (use positive film for making an intaglio plate) which can be poured, whirled, or sprayed on. Packaged in small quantity for trial or infrequent users.

EP1-225A   Resist, Photo-Top, 8 ounces

Photo-Top Developer

Solvent developer for Photo-Top Resist.

EP1-226A   Developer, Photo-Top, 1 quart

Photo-Top Thinner

Thinner for Photo-Top Resist to get proper viscosity for spraying.

EP1-227A   Thinner, Photo-Top, 1 quart

Photo-Top Dye

Dye for Photo-Top Resist so that you can see the remaining emulsion after developing.

EP1-228A   Dye, Photo-Top, 1 pint

Vyna-Top Super Resist, Dye, & Hardener

A light-sensitive polyvinyl alcohol photo resist for copper, brass, steel, and zinc.

JH1-101A    Resist, Vyna-Top Super, 1 gallon

JH1-101B    Resist, Vyna-Top Super, 4 X 1 gallon

JH1-101D    Sensitizer, Vyna-Top, 1 bottle

JH1-102A   Dye, Vyna-Top Concentrate, 1 gallon

JH1-102B   Dye, Vyna-Top Concentrate, 4 X 1 gal

JH1-103A   Hardener, Vyna-Top, 1 bottle

JH1-103B   Hardener, Vyna-Top, 12 bottles

pH Test Paper

Measures level of acidity or alkalinity and determines when to neutralize solutions.

JP1-120C  pH Paper, roll

Flexible Shaft Plate Scrubber

Heavy duty scrubber for easy preparation of plates before coating with Vyna-Top or Kopr-Top. Includes 5″ nylon brush. Replacement brushes available.

JP1-148A   Flexible Shaft Plate Scrubber

JP1-148B   Brush for Plate Scrubber, Nylon

JP1-148C   Brush for Plate Scrubber, Brass

JP1-148D   Core for Plate Scrubber, replacement

JP1-148E   Casing for Plate Scrubber, replace.

WD Plate Cleaner

A specially formulated, activated, fine abrasive cleaner for preparing copper and brass plates. Non-chlorine type.

JH1-122A   Cleaner, WD Plate 10#

JH1-122B   Cleaner, WD Plate 25#

JH1-122C   Cleaner, WD Plate 50#

JH1-122D   Cleaner, WD Plate 100#

JH1-122E   Cleaner, WD Plate 1000#

Etching Powder

Dragon’s Blood

High quality dragon’s blood for hand powder etching of brass, copper, and steel.

JH1-124A   Etching Powder, Dragons Blood 1#

JH1-124B   Etching Powder, Dragons Blood 4#

Brushes for Etching Powder

For the powder etching process.  Camel hair available.

JP1-124C   Brush, Etching Powder  3.5” wide

JP1-124E   Brush, Etching Powder 4″ wide

Engraving Plate Pliers

Wide jaws for safe gripping of hot plates.

JP1-125A   Pliers, Engraving Plate

Drum Pump for Ferric Chloride

Manual pump for pumping from drums or carboys. Electric models are also available.

JP1-515A   Drum Pump

Engraving Measuring Supplies

Such as hydrometers for checking baumé, beakers, and cylinders for using the Spectronic 20.

JP1-116A    Beakers, 400ml

JP1-116B    Stirring Rod

JP1-116C   Graduated Cylinder, 10ml

JP1-116D   Graduated Cylinder, 250ml

JP1-116E   Test Tubes for Spec 20

JP1-114A   Hydrometer Cylinder

Spill Control 

Spill X-A

Granules for quick solidifying and neutralizing of ferric chloride and other acid spills. Sweep up the spill.

JP1-128A   Spill X-A, 6 X 2.5 jar

JP1-128B   Spill X-A, 50 lb. pail

Chrome Plating Accessories

Chrome Tank Thermometer and Hydrometer

Used to test the temperature and baumé of the chrome plating bath solution. The Thermometer is teflon coated and ranges from 0°F to 230°F, with 2° divisions and within 1° accuracy. The Hydrometer is not teflon coated and ranges from 0°Baumé to 15°Baumé, with 1° divisions and is single scale.

EP1-157B   Chrome Tank Thermometer

EP1-158A   Chrome Tank Hydrometer

Chrome Plating Solution

Concentrated hard chrome plating solution which requires 1 to 1 addition of distilled or de-ionized water to arrive at a 12.5° Baumé bath. Sold in gallons, shipped from manufacturer.

EP1-205B   Chrome Plating Solution, gallon

Hand Engraving Tools


The tools used to hand cut or engrave images. Muller Gravers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If you have to reshape a graver point more than slightly suggests that you do not have enough of the proper gravers.

For background work or for shading in areas, special line gravers are available.  They allow the engraver to cut several uniform lines at a time and can be used for a variety of purposes. Many sizes of these are available on a special order. The gravers we supply are made of tool steel. High Speed steel gravers which are much tougher are available quickly on an as required basis. Please ask us for High Speed steel when you want the best.

For more information, reference the “Engraved Stationery Handbook”. Gravers commonly employed for hand engraving dies are shown in actual sizes in the handbook. Each graver is sold individually.

EP1-100 to EP1-113 Graver, Flat (No. 36-49)

EP1-114 to EP1-127 Graver, Round (No. 50-63)

EP1-128 to EP1-130 Graver, Knife (No. 1-3)

EP1-131 to EP1-139 Graver, Square (No. 0-8)

EP1-140 to EP1-148 Graver, Lozenge (No. 0-8)

EP1-149 to EP1-151 Graver, Taper Square (No. 1-3)

EP1-152 to EP1-154 Graver, Taper Lozenge (No.1-3)

EP1-155 Graver, Muller Line (No. 12,4-Line)

EP1-156 Graver, Muller Line (No. 12,6-Line)

Regular Graver Handle

Inexpensive maple wood handle has a metal collar for durability. A flat is cut on one side to prevent the graver from rolling away, as well as to permit getting closer to the work. You must drill a small hole in the handle to insert your graver at your desired angle.

EP1-69   Regular Graver Handle

Special Patented Graver Handle

Can be adjusted to keep the same distance from the tip of the graver to the palm of the hand as the graver is sharpened and becomes shorter.  The soft tang of the graver must be bent over slightly to engage the built-in ratchet.

EP1-70   Special Patented Graver Handle

EP1-85   Replacement Ferrule for Handle

Crocker Graver Sharpener

Small chrome plated metal graver-holding fixture used to sharpen gravers quickly and accurately. Three adjustable settings let you sharpen any graver to any desired angle.   Use with a sharpening stone, sold separately.  A properly sharpened graver is essential to produce a good engraving.  The sharpener is sturdy and will last a lifetime.   Directions included.

EP1-80   Crocker Graver Sharpener

Retractable Diamond Point

The easiest way to finely scratch through acid resist when etched lines must be marked in by hand. The diamond point also works well for tracing picture work on gelatin or for dry point or scribing work. Retractable Diamond Point is at 60o angle, set in a chrome-plated pen-like holder with a pocket clip. Retraction protects the fine point if the tool is dropped.

EP1-74   Retractable Diamond Point

Double-Ended Scriber

Hardened tool steel with a precision ground point on both ends. Used for scratching metal or through an acid resist.

EP1-71   Double-Ended Scriber

Phonograph Needle and Pencil Handle with Chuck

A strong steel (old style) phonograph-type tip securely held in a pencil handle with a screw-type chuck. This is the perfect instrument for making delicate scratches on gelatin or metal. Sold as a unit.

EP1-73   Phonograph Needle and Pencil Handle with Chuck


Fine instruments used for accurately spacing out lines or art work. All-metal construction with a very fine adjusting screw. They are available with 3″, 4″, and 6″ maximum distance between the points. The dividers will last a lifetime and are sold individually.

EP1-77   Dividers, 3″

EP1-78   Dividers, 4″

EP1-79   Dividers, 6″


Used for making regularly spaced dots on a plate for use under an acid resist for fine spacing on a pantograph. May also be used to touch up worn or damaged portions of a reverse halftone engraving or similar photoengraved plates.

Small hardened steel star wheel is attached to a pencil-type handle which allows it to rotate freely.  The handle is removable so the shank can be inserted in place of the diamond point in a Pantograph Machine to establish spacing marks.

The size, as well as the space between the dots, is dependent on the wheel.  When ordering, please specify the dots/in or submit a specimen of the dot pattern desired.  Sold separately.

EP1-83A   Roulette, Curved Shank, 45 dots/in

EP1-83B   Roulette, Curved Shank, 65 dots/in


Used to smoothly polish a particular metal surface area.  Scratches, streaks, or errors on a die can be removed by burnishing. The tool is drawn back and forth across the surface with long, even strokes at right angles to the burnisher’s length. A clean, thin oil will help to lubricate this action as the metal is smeared or pushed around by the tip.

We offer straight and curved Burnishers. Every engraver should have both shapes, but the straight burnisher is normally preferred since it has two usable sides. Made of hardened and polished tool steel, they will last a lifetime with proper use.

EP1-72A   Straight Burnisher

EP1-72B   Curved Burnisher

Engraver’s T-Square

The T Square is used for laying out work on dies or plates. We manufacture fixed head and swivel head models. Both have low profiles to clear a 1/2″ die height, but the swivel head model has a low enough profile on the swivel side to be able to clear a 1/16″ thick plate. With the Swivel Head T-Square, a layout can be made at any angle. Each model has a brass head and an 8″ spring steel leg  This is definitely a required tool for an engraver.

EH1-75   Engraver’s T-Square

EH1-76   Swivel Head Engraver’s T-Square


Used for precisely scraping metal from surfaces. Hardened steel, triangular blade has three sharp edges coming together to form a point.

EP1-84   Scraper

Engraving Machine Accessories

Tracing Point

For use in an engraving machine or pantograph, the tracing point is attached in the hand piece of the tracing arm. The operator places the Tracing Point in the groove of a Masterplate’s character so that it may be traced accurately. The sharp tip is concentric to the outside of the point’s body, so the character will not become distorted if the operator rotates the hand piece.

Tracing Points are made of hardened tool steel and a good assortment of differently rounded tips are required to fit differently worn Masterplates. Sold individually or by the dozen.

ZP1-E92   Tracing Point

Engraving Machine Diamond Point

The 3/16″ diameter by 2-7/8″ long Engraving Machine Diamond Point scratches through acid resist which has been applied to a die prior to etching the image. The Diamond Points are ground to a perfect conical point at a 60o included angle. Care must be taken not to lower the point onto the die too rapidly, or the Diamond Point may fracture.  Sold individually.

If a point is chipped, it can sometimes be re-sharpened, but approximately 1 out of 3 points that are being re-sharpened fail because too much of the stone’s setting is removed in the process.

ZP1-E42A    Engraving Machine Diamond Point

EP1-31A    Re-grind your Diamond Point

Spacing Tape

Durable, non-adhesive 1/2″ wide paper tape, made specifically for use with all pantograph engraving machines. Used to mark off the space each character occupies, so that each letter in a word or phrase is accurately spaced on a plate to be etched. Sold in individual rolls or by the dozen.

EP1-27   Spacing Tape

Engraving Machine Masterplates

Most Masterplates have an alphabet pattern etched into them. The guide lines permit a pantograph machine’s tracing point to make properly spaced words. Made of tool steel 3-3/8″ wide, 19″ long, and .050″ thick. Masterplates are chrome plated to add to their longevity and rust prevention. Over 330 letter styles are available. These can be seen in the Engraver’s Letter Styles Booklet sold as Part No. EB1-203 and ordered by their part number.

Cronite has a large inventory of used masterplates available.  Please contact us for further information.

Monogram Masterplates

Cronite offers a variety of Monogram Masterplates for use on pantograph machines. One of the most popular styles is the Fangman, a 3-letter monogram set placed on 4 Masterplates. All other styles are arranged on single plates. Request a sample sheet showing the different styles available.

MH1-12   Fangman Monogram Masterplates (Set)

MH1-XA        Monogram “A” Masterplate

MH1-XB         Monogram “B” Masterplate

MH1-XC         Monogram “C” Masterplate

MH1-XD        Monogram “D” Masterplate

MH1-XE         Monogram “E” Masterplate

MH1-XF         Monogram “F” Masterplate

MH1-XG        Monogram “G” Masterplate

MH1-XH        Monogram “H” Masterplate

MH1-XJ          Monogram “J” Masterplate

MH1-XK        Monogram “K” Masterplate

MH1-B9          Frame Masterplate

MH1-X1A      Layout Masterplate

Masterplate Blanks

Thin plates made of either .050″ thick steel, .064″ thick zinc, or .032″ thick celluloid, which measure approximately 3-3/8″ X 18″. The Blanks are used for making your own Masterplates, which can be used in a Zero Engraving Machine.

Steel Masterplate Blanks wear best for most purposes. Zinc is better in some cases because it is easy to hand cut and wears acceptably.

Celluloid can be cut very easily and will withstand several dozen tracings if care is used.  They are clear, with one side frosted and the other side smooth. Making a Celluloid Masterplate is quick and easy. The engraver traces a forward image on the frosted side with a lead pencil, then turns over the blank to hand engrave the image using the tracing from the other side as a guide.  Each plate is sold individually.

EH1-90   Steel Masterplate Blank

EH1-91   Zinc Masterplate Blank

EH1-92   Celluloid Masterplate Blank

Abrasive Papers And Cloths

Black Emery Cloth

Emery is a natural composite of corundum and iron oxide. The particles are cubical and tend to produce a polishing action while material is being abraded. Although the fine Emery Cloth has a grit value of 150, it cuts relatively quickly, while leaving a smooth polished surface. Grit values available are fine and medium in 9-1/2″ X 11″ sheets. Sold in individual sheets or by the dozen.

EP1-44    Fine Black Emery Cloth (grit 150)

EP1-45    Medium Black Emery Cloth (grit 100)

Emery Paper

These very fine papers are primarily used on copper. Grit values offered from, fine to coarse, are: #0000, #000, #00, #0, and #1.  A coarse grit 1 is still very smooth.  Sheet size is 9″ X 13-3/4″.  Sold in individual sheets or by the dozen.

EP1-33   Emery Paper, #0000

EP1-34   Emery Paper, #000

EP1-35   Emery Paper, #00

EP1-36   Emery Paper, #0

EP1-37   Emery Paper, #1

Polishing Film

A premium, precision abrasive for producing a fine finish on your copper and steel plates. 1000 grit on a polyester backing. Lasts longer than emery cloth. Sheet size is 8-1/2 X 11.

EP1-38A   Polishing Film, Yellow, each

EP1-38B   Polishing Film, Yellow, each/dozen

EP1-38C   Polishing Film, Yellow, each/100

Special Willow Charcoal

Our specially selected grade of willow charcoal is a fine abrasive, chemically treated for use on copper. It will not put deep scratches on your plates. With the charcoal held vertically, rub the end of the grain against the metal.  Lubricate with kerosene or gasoline mixed with a little oil. Store the charcoal in that same oily mixture in a covered jar so the charcoal will soak up the lubricant. Sold in individual sticks approximately 1-1/8″ X 1-1/8″ X 3-1/2″.

EH1-53   Special Willow Charcoal

Sharpening And Polishing Stones

India Oil Stone

Aluminum oxide stone produces a smooth cutting edge on gravers. Double-sided with a coarse and fine side. Use with a light oil to help prevent clogging the stone’s pores. Measures 2″ X 6″ X 1″ thick.

EP1-58   India Oil Stone

Snakeslip Stone

Used primarily on copper to reduce high spots, off-white stone is manufactured from compressed pumice. More abrasive than the Scotch Stone.  Use water as a lubricant. Measures 5/16″ X 5/16″ X 5-1/2″.

EP1-55   Snakeslip Stone

Special Emery Stone For Steel

The most effective stone you can use to remove large amounts of metal. The stone is generally moved back and forth on steel to remove high spots. Any scratches left from the stone can be removed easily with Emery Cloth. Thin oil or kerosene should be used to aid in cutting. Gray in color; measures 9/16″ X 9/16″ X 4″.

EP1-56   Special Emery Stone for Steel

Die And Plate Metals

Engraver’s Steel

Cronite supplies many thicknesses of Engraver’s Steel. This aircraft quality, electric furnace steel is specifically formulated to our exact specifications for ease of hand engraving and evenness of etching. At the same time, it is very tough, in order to hold up under the pressure of wiping and stamping.

The steel is ground sufficiently to get below the surface of pits and inclusions, and then polished to a smooth working surface which can still hold an acid resist. Except for photo-presensitized material, each piece is then coated with a film of anti-rust compound and wrapped in wax paper for protection.

1/2″ (12.7mm) Engraver’s Steel

1/2″ thick Steel is available in 25″ long bars or in dies cut to desired lengths from available bar widths. The available widths in inches are 3/4, 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2, 2-1/4, 2-1/2, 2-3/4, 3, 3-1/4, 3-1/2, 3-3/4, 4, 4-1/2, 5, 5-1/2, 6, 7, and 8. Sold by the square inch.

XHD- 1/2″ Thick Steel Dies

XHB- 1/2″ Thick Steel Bars

1/4″ (6.35mm) Engraver’s Steel

Available in 24″ long strips or in plates cut to the size you specify. Maximum width is 10″.

XDS- 1/4″ Thick Steel Strips, (width) X 24″

XDP- 1/4″ Thick Steel Plates, (width X length)

1/4″ (6.35mm) Banknote Plates

A specially formulated steel with a higher carbon content. The steel can accept transferring from transfer rolls and hardens more thoroughly than Cronite’s 1/4″ Engraver’s Steel. Maximum size available is 20″ X 25″. The grain direction should be specified when ordering. If desired, the edges can be beveled as required for some printing machinery.

XBP- 1/4″ Banknote Steel Plates, (width X length)

18 Gauge (1.27mm) Thin Steel

Sheets measure 12″ X 25″ and are coated with an anti-rust compound. Also available in 25″ long strips, or in plates cut to the size you specify. Edges are deburred. Quantity price discounts apply at 25 and 100 sheets.

XT1-12002500 18 Ga. Thin Steel Sheets, 12″ X 25″

XTS- 18 Gauge 25″ Long Thin Steel Strips,(width required) X 25″

XTP- 18 Ga. Thin Steel Plates, (width X length)

Safecoat II Steel

A water base developable presensitized negative working resist coated steel which requires positive film for intaglio etching. 1 8 gauge (1.25mm) thick, 12″ X 25″.  Use with Safecoat II Steel Developer

XQ1-12002500 18 Ga. Safecoat II, 12″ X 25″ sheet

XQ6- 18 Ga. Safecoat II Plates, (width X length)

XQ7- 18 Ga. Safecoat II Strips, (width req’d) X 25

Engraver’s Copper

Cronite supplies 4 types of engraver’s grade copper, in 16 gauge (.060″ or 1.5mm thick). It is the highest quality silver-bearing material available and is always flawless.

Presensitized Engraver’s Copper

Coated with a negative-working resist which is protected by a light-blocking plastic masking sheet. This presensitized copper works with a positive film. It offers the distinct advantage of a very smooth surface beneath the presensitized coating for perfectly photoengraved fine lines and delicate screens. Because the copper uses a solvent developer, shelf life is much longer than that of material that uses water-based developers. Has an enamel backcoating.

Sold in 16″ X 20″ sheets or cut into plates of the size you specify. Quantity price discounts apply at 11 and 25 sheets. Only complete sheets are sold and then cut to your size requirements.

XC1-16002000 16 Gauge Presensitized Copper Sheets

XC6- 16 Gauge Presensitized Copper Plates, (width X length required)

Matte Engraver’s Copper

Very smooth, dull finish (not brushed), that is non-reflective. Excellent for applying acid resists or other coatings since it has just the right surface texture and needs no additional preparation. Has an enamel backcoating.

Sold in 18″ X 36″ sheets or cut into plates of the size you specify. Quantity price discounts apply at 11 and 25 sheets.

XRF-18003600 16 Gauge Matte Copper Sheets

XRP- 16 Gauge Matte Copper Plates, (width X length required)

Conta Copper

Presensitized positive working resist coated copper preferred by the photo engraver making embossing or intaglio plates while using negative film.  Available in many thicknesses, 16 gauge, 3mm, 1/4″, 7mm, and different sheet sizes. Use with Contalin Developer.

XJ2-15001800   Conta Copper, 15″ X 18″

XJ2-15003600   Conta Copper, 15″ X 36″

XJ2-16002000   Conta Copper, 16″ X 20″

Pad Printing Plates

Photocrone Pad Printing Steel

A .020″ thick (1/2mm) double-sided photo presensitized negative-working plate for pad printing machines. This very tough, high quality spring steel offers a resistance of 240,000 pounds per square inch. Special surface treatment permits excellent printing results for up to 50,000 impressions per side.

Uses a solvent-based, clear developer specifically formulated for Photocrone Steel. (Materials using a solvent-based developer usually have greater shelf life than water-developable materials, because humidity will not develop them.)  Processing instructions are available.

Sold by the sheet only, and with quantity discounts at 25, 50, and 100.

XF1-07752450 Photocrone Steel (7 ¾” X 24 ½”; 200mm X 625mm)

XF1-09752450 Photocrone Steel (9 ¾” X 24 ½”; 250mm X 625mm)

XF1-11752450 Photocrone Steel (11 ¾” X 24 ½ ”; 300mm X 625mm)

EH1-49A Photocrone Steel Developer, 1 gallon

EH1-49B Photocrone Steel Developer, 1 pint