Tru-Etch Etching Machine

The Tru-Etch from Cronite

The Tru-Etch from Cronite

Tru-Etch Etching Machine

The small Tru-Etch etching machine will etch all types of metal including copper, steel, and brass.  The paddle design splashes acid up against the plate mounted on a workholder. The Tru-Etch is fully automatic, just set the dial for depth desired and the timer shuts it off.

However, the precision needed for certain fine lines and images cannot be obtained using a paddle etcher. For these applications the Super Etch etching machine is a better choice.


Standard Model “PVC” Machine

This model has a work rack 11″ high x 14″ wide.   The dimensions are: height 14″, width 15″, length 20″.  The etching tank is made from welded PVC material with a clear top and side so that you can easily observe the etch while in progress.  The-Tru Etch is supplied complete with 1/4 HP motor, electric timer, heating pad and controller, hydrometer, and 6 foot extension cord, all wired for easy use.

The machine requires 100 volts, 60 Hz electricity.  220 volts, 50 Hz. electricity is also available for foreign countries as an option at an extra cost with a transformer, but without the required male plug.

Large Model “PVC” Machine

The larger Tru etch model has a work rack 11″ high x 24″ wide; The dimensions are: height 14″, width 25″, length 20″.  The larger model is used when etching  large plates or etching a large quantity of plates.  The larger model is exactly similar in all other respects to the Standard Machine except for the width of the tank.


These accessories come at no charge with the machine (other than a machine ordered with no electrics):

  • a heating pad for under the machine and its controller
  •  a hydrometer
  •  a mechanical timer that controls the electric power to the machine
  •  technical assistance.

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