Cronite is the World Leader in Flat Stamping Intaglio Presses and Inks

Cronite 5 x 9 Hi-speed Die Stamping Press

Cronite 5 x 9 Hi-speed Die Stamping Press

Since 1886, Cronite has been the center and technological leader in the development and production of flat stamping intaglio equipment, as well as first-quality inks and supplies.

After more than 125 years, we continue to lead in the manufacture of equipment, supplies and inks for the production of secure, distinctive, high-quality documents.

Flat Stamping Intaglio Presses

In addition to Cronite’s intaglio presses, we manufacture various attachments and equipment which maximize the operating speed and efficiency of the Cronite presses.  A press system can be designed to fit your operating needs.
Accessories for Cronite Intaglio Presses

Etching and Engraving Equipment

Cronite manufactures the best selling engraving equipment for etching graphic art metal plates. We also carry other engraving equipment, plus a full line of  supplies.

Environmental—Kallen Equipment and Supplies

Prepress Environmental and Liquid Handling Systems

The Kallen line of prepress environmental supplies and systems is a cost effective ways for printers to handle the waste from photographic film and offset plate solutions. They help customers meet current  government regulations for the disposal of waste.

Used Equipment

Please contact Cronite for an updated list of available inventory. (973) 887-7900