Cronite High-Quality Specialized Inks

Cronite - World leader in high-quality specialized inks

Cronite – World leader in high-quality specialized inks

Cronite (and its sister companies) has a strong history of producing and developing high-quality specialized printing inks.  We make inks for the flat stamping intaglio (engraved printing) industry as well as for rotary intaglio paper wipe.

Unique Inks that Fit Your Needs

Whether the need is for security inks or precise color matching of inks, we have precisely the inks and additives to do the printing job right.  Please contact us to help select exactly which products work best for you.

Our High Standards of Manufacture

Each of our inks is formulated to meet consistently precise standards as to color, stability, and consistency.  Some are formulated to be environmentally friendly or for ease of clean up.

Intaglio Press

KB Flat Stamping Intaglio Inks

  • Water based acrylic
  • Varnish based
  • Gloss

Precise Color Matching

Cronite Data System of Pure inks allow customers to make PMS matches in their shops.

Security Inks

  • Flat Stamping Intaglio
  • Rotary Intaglio
  • Silk screen

Burial Vault Paints

KromeBrite is our specialized line of paints specifically formulated for burial vaults.

Ink Additives


We have a full line of tools and supplies for printers and engravers.