Ink Additives

Ink Additives for KB Inks

Cronite's intaglio inks show precise details

Cronite’s intaglio inks show precise details

Cronite’s extensive stock of ink additives helps any pressman overcome their ink problems. Our specially formulated ink additives include:

KB1-1 Anti-Spit

Anti-Spit is used to overcome spitty or feathery impressions. Add as much as necessary until the impression starts to get broken lines. It can also be used as an inexpensive ink extender because it gives the ink more body, but this reduces the pigment strength.

KB1-4 Krome-Tite Solution

KT Solution is a water-soluble vehicle used for making metallic inks. It can also be used with black inks to increase the amount of tack. KT Solution also makes gold ink more flexible for better details when burnishing.

KB1-5 KB Non-Tarnish Solution

Non-Tarnish Solution is a water-soluble vehicle for mixing metallic inks. It dries very hard and prevents tarnishing of the impression over time so that the impressions remain brilliant over time.

KB1-28A Ultra Metallic Solution

Ultra Metallic Solution is the major ingredient in Cronite premixed metallic inks.

KB1-6 KB Anti-Cake 

Anti-Cake helps prevent ink from caking in the die.  It is mainly used with colored inks.  A small quantity of the anti-cake makes the ink much tackier.

KB1-7 KB Gloss Anti-Foam

Gloss Anti-Foam is specially formulated to be used with Cronite’s line of gloss inks.  This additive breaks up the microscopic bubbles in the ink which refract instead of reflect light, preventing a glossy impression.

KB1-8 KB Gloss Ink Thinner

This product is used as a thinner for KB Gloss Inks. It must be used to obtain a gloss finish and will work only with KB Gloss Inks.

KB1-9 KB Retarder

Retarder slows down the drying of KB Clean Inks. It is similar to glycerin, but less sensitive when too much is added in error.

KB1-10 KB Sharpener

Sharpener prevents feathering and keeps the stamped inks from running down the paper fibers. This is a very helpful product that should be used more often. Every shop should have some on hand.

KB1-20A Raw Ink Vehicle

For Clean Inks and Job Black; sometimes added when a little more tack is desired to stamp finer lines.

KB1-21A Black Pigment

Our stand alone Black Pigment may be added to non-black inks to turn them black. Often blended into a mixture of old special colors so that the ink may be used rather than discarded.

KB1-27 KB Clean Defoamer

Clean Defoamer prevents the formation of foam or breaks down foam from ink that is being agitated by the fast turning fountain.

KB1-29A Metallic Burnishing Additive

Burnishing Additive is added to metallic inks so that a physically softer ink deposit results and the impression can be more easily burnished or struck a second time for greater detail.

KB1-30A Vehicle Tack Reducer

Vehicle Tack Reducer is specifically designed for use with our colored metallic inks to reduce tack while not reducing the viscosity of the ink. Normally, when the die sticks to the paper after stamping, the press operator would add water to reduce the tack. However, with metallic inks, adding water causes the ink to bleed through the pores of the paper. Vehicle Tack Reducer should be used in these circumstances in place of water. Only a little should be used since too much will give broken lines, prevent drying, and cause hygroscopicity.

KB1-89A KT Anti-Rub Agent

KT Anti-Rub Agent is for use in all of Cronite’s black inks, except KB-001 Job Black and KB-003 Ultra Black.

KB1-90A NT Anti-Scuff Agent

NT Anti-Scuff Agent is for use in KB-001 Job Black, KB-003 Ultra Black and all KB color inks.

Ink Additives for KBV Varnish Inks

KB1-3 Japan Dryer

Japan Dryer is added to solvent-based inks to obtain a tougher finished impression. In addition, Japan Dryer will not normally decrease drying time at the instant of impression, but oxidizes the ink more quickly to its natural hardness.

KB1-11 Dull Reducer

Dull Reducer is used with varnish inks to produce a dull or matte finish.

KB1-12 Non-Chip Varnish #12

Non-Chip Varnish is added to varnish inks to produce a smooth, glossy surface. The work must then be rack dried since the varnish contains leveling oils.

KB1-13 Gold Varnish #11

Gold Varnish #11 is a varnish vehicle for making metallic inks. It requires that the work be rack dried.

KB1-14 Gloss Varnish

Gloss Varnish is a basic vehicle for varnish inks.

KB1-15 Reducing Varnish

Reducing Varnish is used to thin varnish inks without lowering the varnish’s tackiness qualities.

KB1-16 Heavy Plate Oil

Heavy Plate Oil is a vehicle used in plate inks.

KB1-17 Boiled Linseed Oil

Boiled Linseed Oil is used as a thinner in plate inks.

KB1-18 Burnt Plate Oil

Burnt Plate Oil is used to adjust the body of plate inks.

KB1-19A Versol Mineral Spirits

Varsol Mineral Spirits is a thinner or solvent for varnish inks.  It is also used as a cleaning agent for any petroleum-based product.

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