Telestacker Drier

Cronite Telestacker Drier for Intaglio presses

Cronite Telestacker Drier for Intaglio presses

Telestacker Drier for Intaglio Presses

A product of Cronite’s years of experience with printing inks and designing press systems, the Telestacker Drier is exceptionally efficient at drying of both water soluble and varnish inks

The Telestacker Drier is Easy to Use

Stock is dried with a current of heated, dehumidified air that will not alter the impression’s color. It will not cause the paper to cockle or curl.

This is especially important when running multicolored register impressions which have to be dried several times. The belt speed and air temperature are both easily regulated at the operator’s position to obtain maximum quality, efficiency, and economy on any job.

The Telestacker Drier is Flexible

The belt speed is variable from zero to 10,000 impressions per hour so that the operator can make sure the printed stock lays out in an even and manageable pattern to dry.  Driers equipped with a return belt to the operator’s position neatly stack the dried stock. Then it may be easily picked up, inspected, and packed without the pressman having to leave the front area of the press.

The Telestacker Drier is Economical

The length of the Telestacker Drier is fully adjustable to give the proper amount of drying time needed for any job. The standard drier is adjustable for lengths from 9½’ to 15½’. A longer drier needs less heat, or no heat at all to dry an impression. That saves money through lower energy costs.

Telestacker Drier is Efficient

  • Efficiently uses space in a operations area
  • Flexibly adjusts to each job through the extension or retraction of the frame of the drier
  • Allows the operator to efficiently inspect and box printed materials with ease
  • Does not warp or distort the paper as it dries