Chrome Filtration Unit

Chrome Filtration for pure water discharge

Chrome Filtration for pure water discharge

Solve Water Discharge Concerns

With a stand alone Chrome Plating Filter, you can solve all your waste rinse water environmental problems resulting from your chrome plating operations.

The ion exchange cartridges filter high concentration of chromic acid rinse water resulting in filtered water cleaner than the city tap water.

Typically, chromic acid rinse water containing 20,000 or higher parts per million can be reduced to 5 parts per million in one pass with the Cronite Chrome Plating Filter.

The system is a closed loop system where the rinse water goes to the tank, gets pumped through the filters, is used to rinse a plate, and then drains back to the tank.  Since water never gets discharged, it will pass all the environmental waste discharge regulations that are or will be in effect.

When the “clack” light activates, it indicates that the first filter cartridge is fully saturated with chrome. You remove and replace the first filter cartridge with the second filter cartridge, and you install a new one in the second housing.

Cronite has been using this system for years. It has worked successfully for us. It has provided a lot of flexibility and has saved us a lot of money. (It isn’t necessary to have running water or sewer connections where we chrome plates.)

Small Stand Alone Unit

This system will satisfy all water related environmental problems. It does not occupy a lot of space, it does not need any hook-ups or drains, and it is more economical than hauling the waste away.

See our Fume Scrubber to solve the Chroming unit’s chromic acid fumes discharge problems.