Kallen Environmental

Kallen environmentally friendly products for pre-press

Kallen environmentally friendly products for pre-press

Prepress Environmental and Liquid Handling Systems

The Kallen line of prepress environmental supplies and systems is a cost effective way for printers to handle the waste from photographic film and offset plate solutions.

The Kallen line of products helps customers meet current  governmental regulations for the disposal of such waste.

AquaClear Recirculator

Recirculate photographic wash water; make processor free-standing; and eliminate ground water pollution.

Plate Wash Recirculator

Recirculate litho plate wash water; create free standing plate processor; and eliminate ground water pollution.

Wash Water Additive

Keep wash tank and circulator clean; clean film to archival standards.

SILVER-EX Recirculator

Remove silver from wash water; recirculate wash water, and save water.

SILVER-EX Concentrate

Keep wash tank and recirculator clean.

Liquid Neutralizing Station

Neutralize photo waste automatically to meet pH discharge tolerances.


Neutralize and desilver SilverLithâ„¢ effluent.


To be used in conjunction with the Agfa Lithostar.

Liquid Metering Station

Meter spent fixer through silver recover units to meet discharge limits.

Wash Water Control Meter

Determine when to change wash water.

Liquid Pumping Tank and Dual Liquid Pumping Tank

Collect and transfer photo solutions to a waste drum, tank, or evaporator.

Drum Float Switch and Dual Drum Filler

Prevent overfilling of drums.


Evaporate waste fixer, developer and water, reduce high waste hauling fees.