Prismacolor Offset Inks

Offset Printing Inks

Prismacolor Offset Inks

Prismacolor Offset Inks

Quality Inks for Offset and Web Presses

Prismacolor Corp is an affiliated company of the Cronite Company and is dedicated to the production of inexpensive yet quality offset inks. Prismacolor also makes Web press inks (below).

Prismacolor prides itself on customer responsiveness and quick fulfillment of orders. Our staff can help you pick the ink which is best suited to your needs.

Like all Cronite inks, these are manufactured to consistently high quality, stable, consistent, and deep pigmentation.

Standard Inks for Sheetfed Offset Presses

SO-BRITE™ Series Inks 

These are modified soya based gloss inks which have excellent press stability, good drying and non-rub properties. Excellent Pricing.


These inks exhibit excellent transfer and dot reproductions. The inks set extremely fast, but with good press stability. These qualities make it the preferred ink for work and turn applications.

SKIN-E-LIM Series Inks

These inks will not form any surface skin thus eliminating any chance of “hickey” formation during the printing operation. There is no ink waste due to the removal of the skin normally found on the surface of an open ink container.

One of the outstanding features is that the ink can be left in the fountain overnight without any danger of skinning over.  This saves money not only by discarding the ink skin, but not having to wash the press up each evening.  This series sets quickly with a high gloss when printed on most paper.

HARD-DRI™ Series Inks

Basically a 100% Solids (0 VOC’s), making this the most acceptable environmentally safe ink used in press rooms. These inks are finding great application wherever superior non-rub properties are required. They exhibit good press stability with extremely fast drying properties, excellent gloss and transfer characteristics.

One of the most unusual properties of this ink is that it will print and adhere to almost any substrate, including most non-porous surfaces.

LASER PROOF™ Series Inks

These heat resistant inks are designed for paper used in high speed copy machines and laser printers. The inks are soya based and work well with all plates. They have low VOC’s and are wax free.

ALCO-FAST™ Series Inks

These are modified soya based gloss inks which are designed to resist the effects of alcohol causing bleeding and fading on substrates such as liquor, perfume, and chemistry labels and packaging. They exhibit excellent transfer properties and set fast on most substrates, including coated stock.

COLOR-FAST™ Series Inks

These inks contain light fast pigments that will resist fading when exposed to sunlight, making it ideal for poster work. The inks have excellent transfer properties and are fast setting on most substrates.


These inks contain a high soya content (low VOC’s) that dry by penetration on porous bond stock and also partially by oxidation as is required for business forms. They have excellent transfer properties and will not “track” on press.

Web Press Inks

WEB-RITE™ Series Inks

Web-Rite inks are heat set inks incorporating a high melting resin technology which yields excellent hardness of the dried ink film yet has the characteristics of good press stability and fast drying.

COLD-SET™ Series Inks

These inks run very successfully on web process (without ovens) on all varieties of porous stocks (offset papers). They are soya based inks having excellent press stability and print qualities.

“OPV”™ Series of Overprint Varnishes

For Inline and Offline:

  • Gloss Overprint Varnish—Exhibits excellent gloss and color retention (non-yellowing upon drying)  with good non-rub properties for work and turn applications. It is available for sheetfed or heatset Web
  • Satin Overprint Varnish
  • Matte Overprint Varnish—Non-yellowing, with good color retention.
  • Wax Free Overprint Varnish–Available in gloss or dull to permit foil stamping and any other “imprinting” that might be necessary.
  • Extra High Rub Overprint Varnish–Principally used to resist scuffing for labels, carton work, etc.