Engraving Equipment

The Super Etch etching machine is an economical, easy to operate etching machine. Cronite manufactures this small machine as well as selling larger machines for various applications. Cronite also sells and manufactures all of the engraving supplies needed for photoengraving as well as hand engraving.  This would include resists, tools, banking agents etc.

Etch a Variety of Metals

The Model SEA Super-Etch Etching Machine is the best all around small etching machine at an incredibly low price. The best features of every etching machine ever made have gone into its design, giving the best controllable product at an affordable price.

This compact unit can be used to precisely powderless etch copper, magnesium and zinc as well as conventionally etching steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum or nickel in thicknesses up to ½”.

Advantages of the Super Etch

  • It is small in size, but can produce plates up to 12” x 12”
  • Because of the small bath size, the Super Etch uses less acid and thereby lowers operating costs
  • Side by side acid and rinse tanks make operation easy
  • Super easy installation – just connect to a plug and water and you are ready to etch

The Super Etch will automatically etch with either a spray head or twin counter rotating paddle system, sizes up to 16″ x 16″ (stationary), or 12″ x 12″ with the optional rotary work holder.

Extra Options

The standard features of the Super Etch include a digital cycle timer, a digital temperature controller, a 600 watt heater, an observation window, a safety interlock, a low/high level alarm, a cooling coil, a hydrometer port, and a rinse tank. However, other options are available including a chiller, exhaust hood and blower, a fume scrubber, a neutralizer and rinse water evaporator, a 50 gallon remote etchant supply, a platform which also acts as a secondary containment, a rotating work holder, an oscillating spray head system, a variable speed paddle system, a tachometer for paddle speed, an etchant dispensing gun, and a twin opposing spray head system for etching both sides of a piece of metal.

The Super Etch is built with almost all pre-drilled holes to accept any option at a later date. Talk to us about your requirements. We also provide training for etching metal plates and dies. The normal training session takes 3 days.